17 Apr 2014

The six tailbone of the Cenozoic era

 The prelude of the Space Revolt?
 The planet is getting dyed grey
 And the city is going on Cyber Fantasy Trip.
 The future of the twentieth century
 Is being replaced by
 Utopia of the imaginary reality.
 Female is a femail?
 Mail is a mail?
 Yellow hair, blue hair of New Unisex
 That we can't know even the roots.
"And then, why can't they dye their eyes blue or red,
 No, if they change the chromosome, it's possible."

 Moonlight priests in the sky
 Encroach the melanin of human soul and yet remained,
 The essence is this or not.
 Blinded dark grey light
 Question tag followed by tag,
 Is holding the frame of life
 That we dare not to violate.
 Dark shadows are hanging around out the door
 Amoeba, lost its tongue, is shaking powerless tentacle,
 Bloody body over just six months in the worm of the virgin
 Holding the sixth tailbone of the Cenozoic era
 Is about to burst out.
 This is a real space revolt.
 As our grandfather of grandfather
 Of grandfather of grandfather said long age,
 Newton's apple tree was getting rotten,
 The baby's cryout stopped.
 And then, all is over.